Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why do men disappear from a relationship?

Why do men disappear from a relationship
Why do men leave or disappear from a relationship?

They go on a few dates or even date for months and the man just disappears. He may do the slow fade, then again, he may just stop calling altogether and vanish. We are often left wondering why men leave.

Most women believe that men are basically commitment phobics, but this is really not true. They want a relationship, they want love just like you do. They hope to find that woman that inspires them to get out of the dating pool and settle down. Thing is, it's just as difficult for them to find this woman as it is for us to find that man.

When a man enters into a casual dating relationship with a woman, his first thoughts are always how to get you in bed for the most part. It's what men do. Boys will be boys. Don't fault them for this, it's in their nature. This does not mean you should just hop into bed though.

Men consider marriage and exclusivity way more than we women give them credit for. He is watching how you handle yourself, how you react in certain situations. He is testing you. He has it in his mind what he wants in a relationship and if you don't meet up to this, well he disappears.

If men vanish on you and you often are left wondering why he disappeared, you might want to learn about what men really want in a relationship. They are really simple creatures, not complicated as we women make them out to be. They are also human, very much so.

When he disappears, well something about you doesn't fit into his perception of a relationship. The common ones are, too needy, acting like a girlfriend before he is ready, mothering him or just giving too much of yourself. When a woman gives too much he feels like he is in debt to her. Not a good feeling. He may not feel like returning the gestures, but feels obligated to do so. No man wants to do anything out of obligation. It takes the fun out of it.

There are many reasons why men leave or disappear. Most women just chalk him up as another jerk. This usually is not the case. You missed something along the way. Men need a few things from you to consider a relationship with you. If you are wondering why men leave, chances are you just didn't meet his needs or did not know how to find out what his needs really are.

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