Sunday, April 22, 2012

Need Cash?

Economic Community Care 
Livelihood Social Services Inc.


The ECC-Livelihood Social Services, Inc.  is a newly innovation of making money thru business network marketers. The remarkable venture of Economic Community Care Program engaged to fulfill heartfully dedication for the economic progress of our nation.

 MEMBERSHIP Requirements:

     2 copies of fully accomplished Membership Forms with signature.
     One time lifetime Membership Fee = P1000
     One time I.D. Fee = P100
     1 copy of fully accomplished I.D. Form.

1. MONEY LOAN– 0% Interest, No Collateral, No Co-Maker and No Credit Investigation.

1st LOAN = P5,000 (30 days processing*), 2 months to pay.
2nd LOAN = P10,000 (7 days processing*) 4 months to pay.
3rd LOAN = P50,000 (7 days processing*), 10 months to pay.
4th LOAN = P100,000 (details to be posted)

Loan Payments:
Every 15th and 30th, weekly or monthly thru >> ECC-Livehood Social Services, Inc.’s Accredited Payment Centers.

Loan Requirements:

    Photocopy of 1 Valid ID (e.g. SSS, Driver’s Lic., Pag-Ibig)

    Photocopy of your Personal ATM or Barangay Clearance and Proof of Billing if you do not have an ATM. If you are just renting, a written certificate of tenancy from the house owner can be a substitute to proof of billing.

        * To begin processing your 1st loan automatically, successfully refer 2 people.

* Additional of 2 successful referrals is required for every succeeding loans, one on your A team (Left Group and one on your B team (Right Group).

How to claim the loan?
You can claim it at the nearest ECC-Livehood Social Services, Inc. Branch Office or it can be automatically deposited in your Personal ATM. ECC-Livehood Social Services, Inc. will also be issuing a ChinaTrust ATM to its members starting the last week of February 2012 for faster commission pay-out and loan claims.

ECC-Livehood Social Services, Inc. PROTECTOR
> P100,000 – Accidental Death or P100,000 – Disability
> P10,000 – Burial Assistance
> P25,000 – Unprovoked Murder & Assault
> ADDED 2,000 – Monthly cash allowance for 12 months only
> ADDED 1,000 – Monthly grocery allowance for 12 months only
> ADDED P10,000 – Medical reimbursement once a year.

G-MONEY FUND (Hospitalization Assistance)
Maximum of P2,500 Medical Reimbursement:
> P500 = 20 Downlines
> P1,000 = 40 Downlines
> P1,500 = 60 Downlines
> P2,000 = 80 Downlines
> P2,500 = 100 or more Downlines
> ADDED P10,000 – Hospitalization reimbursement once a year.

When a member dies, all ECC-Livehood Social Services, Inc. Members contributes P50 which is automatically deducted from their income. The Beneficiary of the member will receive the total amount.
> Total Number of ECC-Livehood Social Services, Inc. Members x P50 = Total Amount
> Ex. As of Dec. 2011, 3000 members x P50 = P150,000

> Unlimited P500 Referrals Commission
> Unlimited P500 Referrals-Referral Commission
> P20,000 Loyalty Commission (Repetitive)
> P50,000 Loyalty Commission (Repetitive)
> P100,00 Profit Sharing
> Car Incentive

For questions, you may leave a comment or you may text me: 09176429799

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