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How to get your lover back?

get your ex back
Breaking up is hard to do.” That’s a fairly common sentiment that has become cliché in mainstream media, and it’s possibly already embedded in your reality as a form of truth, especially now that you’re trying to know how to get your ex back. This statement even has a song dedicated for it! I do not deny the hard facts, however: breaking up is INDEED hard to do. But why is it hard? What makes it so difficult? Have you ever thought of that, at least on a consciously inquiring level? I’m guessing you haven’t. You see, when we get dumped, our lives are focused solely on our emotions, our depressions, our hurts and pains. If you see the breakup on a more rational level, however, you will discover a lot of things.

Mistakes that You MUST Avoid To Get Your Ex Back

We all know that most of us have this attitude of losing ourselves after a break up.
Before you move forward, you should know what these irritating acts are and start pulling yourself together.

1. Don't beg/plead your ex to come back

Nothing is more pathetic than pleading and begging for your loved one to stay, or just simply forcing to get your ex back. Sure it may be a good try but for those people who think that they are not happy anymore, begging them would just push them even farther. When they leave you, it may also be a very hard time for them. Most often than not, they have also played that moment in their head for a hundredth time and thought if they can get through with it. Do not think that they haven’t thought of the consequences of the situation, they do and they did, a lot of times. So spare your pathetic pleads and let them go.

2. Don't Offer to Change and Give Anything Just to Get Him/Her Back

What most heart-broken people do is bargain everything just to get their loved ones back. This, however, will not help you.
Offering almost anything just to get him/her back is a sign that you have lost your self-respect. This may sound a bit exaggerating, but telling him/her that you are willing to change everything is very absurd that he/she will not believe it.

3. Don't send text messages or call him/her every minute

You will surely miss them, their hugs and their presence in general. But this does not give you the excuse of calling them and sending them text messages 24/7, especially when the break up is still recent. Calling and texting them every possible minute will annoy them and will make them ignore you even more.

4. Denying the Reality

Denying what has really happened will not help you in any way. It will actually make the situation and even your feelings worse. He/she has left you for a reason, and you will not be able to understand why if you keep on denying the fact that he/she has the guts to leave you. If you are planning to get your ex back and you are more than willing to know how to get your ex back, then you should get back to your senses and face the reality that he/she does have the courage to leave you.

5. Don't starve yourself, do nothing and cry the Whole Day

Just like in movies and books, many people from break ups lose their appetite on eating. They would want to sleep all day or if not, cry the entire week. They lose their focus on important matters and would start acting like the whole world has ended right before their eyes. Love is a very huge matter but losing love should never be a reason to stop living life.


Don’t Act Needy

As much as you want to, don’t be the first one to suggest that you want to get back with him/her.

Tips To Get Your Ex Back Which You Must Know

1. Find the cause: Ask yourself what made him decide to break up with you. Was it because of how you are with him or probably your attitude towards him or his friends? Was it because you were too lax with your relationship that you’ve already taken it for granted? Thinking about such things will give you tips on what to do next.

2. Find something else to do: Get out and hang out with friends. Keep yourself busy. Going out will help you forget how devastated or frustrated you are with the break up. Your friends might even help you and provide some advice on how to get your ex boyfriend back.

3. There is certainly a reason why you and your ex boyfriend were once attracted to each other. It could be something that he saw on you the first time he met you that he’s probably not seeing now. You might have changed a lot, and that change made him break up with you. Be that someone whom your boyfriend has first come to know.

Or if you find #3 is not the answer, try:

4. Be aloof. Being aloof doesn't mean be cold, just detached. By appearing upbeat and unphased by a breakup you maximize the chances that your ex will take notice and admire your cool head in spite of what might otherwise be an awkward situation.

5. Look good. Whether you're trying to win back an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, you should look your best. Taking pride in your appearance helps boost confidence and allows you to present yourself to the best of your ability.

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