Saturday, February 11, 2012

Give LOVE to the Victims of Natural Calamities this Valentine’s Day

It’s no secret that our brothers and sisters who are victims of these natural calamities are in need of support.

This Valentine’s Day, volunteer at local evacuation centers and give a little love to those who really need it.

If you can’t volunteer, there are other ways to help.

Here’s a list of items that are very useful.

Towels & Beddings. Towels for hygiene use. Before donating, wash items in a hypo-allergenic soap and dry without using dryer sheets.

Hygiene - Shampoo, Soaps, combs and ear wipes.

Toys. Donate toys. Wash them first, as with towels. Always rinse twice, just to make sure there’s no residue.

Medicines - Scarce to purchase since there are no open stores to buy on affected areas. So if you have meds that you have not used, why not donate them.

Lastly and the most important,

FOOD! It will be much appreciated.

By making these happen, you can help make their lives more comfortable and feel loved..

And by that, you'll feel full of love this V-DAY too!

By the way, let's do this not on Valentines day alone.

Give and express our love each and everyday..

Thanks! Pls Share... ^_^

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