Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bruiser (A letter to my dog)

The death of a beloved pet is something no dog owner wants to think about, but sadly, it is a fact of life that we must sometimes face.

We love our dogs. They become a much loved part of the family and losing them can be just as traumatic as losing any other family member.
Dogs can sometimes be a bigger part of our lives than our human friends.

This is a letter to our beloved Bruiser.
We weren't aware the day would come..
For the first time we knew what real pain was.

Dear Bruiser,

It was just like yesterday when you arrived into our home and became part of our family.. Became our life.

Just last Sunday (January 29, 2012) you left Me, Ronieck, Mama, Papa, your other playmate dogs and your life here on earth.
With a healthy and smart dog, we were expecting long years together with you.

Our special friend, sweet, brave and beloved companion...We miss you so much.

There will always be an emptiness in our hearts. We love you and thank you for coming and giving inspiration each and everyday.
You weren't just a dog, you were one of our babies... And a Friend..

When the time came that you were suffering, we were beside you all through out.
We checked from time to time and gave you medicines the vet prescribed and advised us.

I felt and saw your fear that time and so I hugged and comforted you and did the best I could to help and save you langga.. You were in pain. :-(
As time passed by, you were getting weak and tears ran down from your eyes..
Then you died.... T_T

I stayed beside you, mourned and talked to you saying my goodbye and gently closed your eyes.

I left right away to Cebu so they would not see me crying.. & even worst, couldn't dare to see mom crying and in great depression.

And even now, we can't still believe you're gone and having a hard time to recover.

A part of our souls had been taken away.
Bruiser, we love and miss so much.

Your gentleness and unconditional love is so missed and will never be forgotten.
Our precious, sweet, loving, loyal and funny Bruiser, you took with you a great big piece of our hearts.

We can never return the light you brought to our lives, but we shall remain grateful to have been a part of yours.
You will live in our minds and our hearts forever, with deep appreciation and heartfelt gratitude for all you gave to us.
It's very painful of losing someone like you.

You never missed to show your big face and big mouth showing your eagerness of seeing and wanting to kiss and hug us every morning or even when those times when I arrived home from my work in Cebu..

Our hearts are so heavy since the day you left us. You're missed terribly, and we hope you know that we love you.
We will see you again someday, and we will be together again.

You rest now and play in Heaven..

We love you forever and ever, our Big Bruiser.

Rest in peace now, and may the light of a beautiful sunny day always shine upon your sweet, kind and innocent face.

We miss and love you deeply our dear Bruiser... T_T

By the way, Bruiser is a pitbull dog. People say that pitbulls are dangerous and adviced of not having one..
But to tell you, they aren't and even other dogs...
They become bad on how we treat and race them.
They become bad when you are also bad..



  1. This just made me cry......I lost my Aspin 6 months ago. The pain is less now but her memories will always remain. I know what you and your family are going through. Just be strong for your other babies...

  2. Thanks!
    I'm sori also for your loss.
    Yes, the memories will always remain... I dnt know how to divert my mind to other things everytime I remembered him.
    We also have aspins.. there are 7 of them.. All of them are so sweet..
    I'l take your advice to be strong for the rest of them.

    Thank you! ^_^

  3. lost our dog on the same day your bruiser died....


  4. 0h how sad... ;-(
    tsk3.. it's really hard to recover right?

  5. Sorry for your loss. If you want to post a commemorative entry please go to:
    You can literally just copy this super well written post and share with a new community of people who have lost their beloved dogs.

  6. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my cat of 21 years and have a broken heart.
    These pets are truly family members.