Saturday, January 7, 2012

Start up your Ukay-ukay business now!

A lot of people wants to have an Ukay ukay business nowadays. Those who are really interested to invest their money on used clothes, are ready to take the risk in this field.

As we all know Ukay ukay are used clothings from other countries. If we want good ukay ukay, we have to invest big amount of money since we want good quality. But if we want good quality and we can't afford then we can choose next quality that will fit our budget.

We should not expect that in a bundle of ukay ukay, as what we wanted it to be are brand new. Remember it's used clothings. They are sorted from the best down to the lower quality.

Sometimes, we expect on a lot of things. We have to ask ourselves, what is good and what is not good. As a supplier, it's normal that i can not please everybody. If we comment on something, be sure that we know what we are getting into. don't expect.

Remember you are into used clothing business not boutique and brand new clothing business.

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