Monday, January 16, 2012

Renato Corona on making up stories

MANILA, Philippines - Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Mar Roxas responded to Chief Justice Renato Corona tirade against him, saying the head of the judiciary should stop creating fallacies that would veer the public’s attention away from his impeachment trial.

“Sa halip na mag-imbento ng storya at gumawa ng kwento, dapat sagutin na lang ni Mr. Corona ang mga isyu sa impeachment trial," Roxas said.

“This trial is about the very serious offenses against our people for betrayal of public trust, ang pagtataksil sa bayan. Huwag na yang mag-ponensya ng mga kwentong komiks at mga kathang-isip na conspiracy kuno. Harapin nya ang katotohanan at kanyang konsensya. Huwag na syang mandamay ng kung sinu-sino pa," he added.

In a speech on Monday morning, Corona said he was a roadblock to 3 people who want him removed as the country's chief magistrate.

He said the first person wanted to stop the distribution of the Hacienda Luisita to landless farmers in Tarlac. He earlier accused MalacaƱang, especially the President’s allies at the Liberal Party, of planning his ouster from office after the Supreme Court decided to distribute to the farmers the sugar estate in Tarlac.

He said he is also a roadblock to a person "who really wants to be vice-president but lost in the election in 2010." He did not name the LP's vice-presidential bet, Roxas, who lost in 2010 to Jejomar Binay.

Finally, he said he is opposed to a person whose ambition is to become chief justice. He did not identify the allegedly ambitious chief justice wannabe.

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